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Every feature of RentDen was designed with the rental property owner in mind. The customizable property homepage allows you to design and redesign your content at the click of a button, while the user-friendly web application organizes and simplifies communication with tenants for improved unit management. Let RentDen simultaneously modernize your marketing and increase your building management efficiency today! Let’s get started.


Hassle-free setup and onboarding, with no additional fees.

Save time

Streamline communication and coordination with prospective and current renters.

Save money

No need to hire a web developer to keep your property webpage up to date.

Pay Rent Online

Make paying rent even easier for your tenants by allowing them to pay with debit or credit card.

Stay in the loop

Consolidate your communication channels into one easy to access application; Unlimited staff accounts keep all management current.

Multiple properties

Effortlessly switch between several buildings under the same owner account.

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Check out a live example website.

Launch your site in minutes

Establish your presence online with a modern homepage unique to your property. Effortlessly customize your site to highlight building specific amenities, including custom text, images, and icons. The unit export feature automatically generates professional content for marketing vacancies on 3rd party websites. The inquiry feature on the homepage provides potential tenants a barrier-free method to easily submit their contact information, putting you in instant communication. Simplify the application process by uploading your leases, pet agreements, etc. for download in the documents and forms section. Use your photo gallery to attract prospective tenants today!

Connect tenants & management

With the RentDen web application you can communicate with your tenants anytime and anywhere.

  • Online rent payments made easy!

  • Unlimited individual tenant user accounts

  • Email alerts keep you up to date

  • Send building-wide or unit-specific notifications

  • Receive and respond to maintenance requests

  • Customizable FAQ section to simplify rules and instructions
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There are no setup fees at RentDen, and you can get started right now without having to input your credit card information. We strive to keep RentDen the most affordable option on the market so small to medium sized properties have a valuable and worthwhile option without breaking the bank. Subscriptions are annual so you can pay when you're ready and forget about it for a whole year.

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Have a bigger building that requires 50+ units? No problem! Contact us via email at info@rentden.com and we'll get back to you with a free estimate. In the meantime, feel free to add your property and familiarize yourself with all the features and options.

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"Prior to implementing 'RentDen' software we had a one page website we could not change and was basically just our name and number. Our ability to receive, manage and track maintenance requests was a nightmare. I highly recommend this software to anyone who owns or manages rental property, you will not be disappointed. When we had questions, support was available and we were assisted right away. The software is easy to understand, straightforward, management loves it and best of all, our tenants love it."

Terese Hagstrom

Apartment Manager

"It has worked flawlessly, and heightened communication with both tenants and clients. It would be near impossible without 'RentDen' software to get the website experience that is available through the apartment management application. It's been a great resource for working with prospective tenants and current tenants. Super easy and efficient! Highly recommended!"

Ken Hedberg

Hedberg Apartment Owner

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